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Full Body Massage Services in Beacon, NY

A variety of massage â€‹â€‹techniques and modalities are available to clients at Kailo Center, each with its own relaxation or therapeutic emphasis.  Clients are free to select among them, or to choose the unique bodywork experience of an Esalen Massage, or a Kailo Signature Massage.

Classic Western Massage.  Often referred to as "Swedish" or Relaxation Massage, this is perhaps the most widely practiced massage form.  Its slow, gentle, full-body strokes are designed to calm and soothe, offering an effective way to de-stress and unwind.

Deep Tissue Massage.  A slower, focused form of bodywork designed to access deeper layers of musculature and connective tissue in specific areas of the body.  Effective for those seeking relief from persistent discomfort or a recurring physical condition.

Myofascial Release.  Designed to ease tension in the fibrous bands of connecting tissue (fascia) that surround all the muscles and organs of the body.  Fascia is often referred to as an "endless web."  Myofascial therapy is directed toward freeing restrictions in this web, and releasing tension on joints, muscles, and body structures. Through gentle stretching and kneading, myofascial manipulation softens, lengthens, and re-aligns the fascial web.  As a result, pressure on nerves may be reduced, and pain relief and postural improvement may be realized.

(Scar Tissue Therapy.)  A specialty component of Myofascial therapy, Scar Tissue therapy can potentially reduce the size and appearance of scars on the surface of the body, along with easing underlying adhesions that can create discomfort and restrict movement and flexibility.  This therapy may be beneficial to those carrying scar tissue from cosmetic surgery procedures, medically-necessary operations (such as joint replacement, C-Section, or mastectomy,) or reconstructive surgeries following accident or injury.

KAILO SIGNATURE MASSAGE - The most frequently requested bodywork service is an experience incorporating a combination of the massage techniques noted above, along with the influence of Esalen Massage.  Session time, depth of stroke, and preferred modalities are adjusted according to client needs and preferences, for a massage often considered to represent "the best of all worlds!" 

Esalen Massage -   Click here to learn more about this unique style of bodywork.  Created and refined at California's famed Esalen Institute, it is now offered internationally by rigorously trained and Certified Esalen Massage Practitioners.

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