We can, however, learn to ease the impact of stress on bodies, our emotions, and our health.  Today, numbers of individuals are discovering that the simple and pleasurable experience of Massage is an effective way to restore balance and tranquility to stressful lives.  Massage can soothe the body, lift the spirit, and quiet the mind.

Massage promotes feelings of well-being and fosters peace of mind.  Muscle tension is relieved and, as the body opens to relaxation, physical discomfort eases.  Blood pressure and anxiety may be reduced, the immune system strengthened, and the capacity for calm thinking and creativity enhanced.  Unique among the healing arts, Massage offers opportunity to restore the harmonious balance between mind and body.   

Touch is our first language, a communication of caring.  Before we're able to understand a single spoken word, we are nurtured and protected by human touch.  Healthy touch retains the ability to calm and comfort us throughout our lifetime.  It is a simple pleasure, often sought and welcomed, and never outgrown.  As author Elliot Greene has observed:

Hands flow, tension goes.

And now is the time

for the soft way of being.

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Life is stressful.  With significant responsibilities to meet, we can often find it difficult to avoid or manage the stress and tension of daily living.  Our reactions to stress can appear as fatigue, irritability, poor concentration, withdrawal from intimacy, chronic physical discomfort, and anxiety or depression.  We may be quick to anger, and hard to please.  Our self-esteem, our job, and our family relationships may suffer.

Managing Stress

Finding Life's Balance