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D‚Äčiscover Esalen Massage

A Unique Bodywork For Deep Relaxation
Mitchell Carlin Schulman, Certified Esalen Massage Practitioner

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Big Sur, California, the Esalen Institute has long been a respected center for innovative educational programs, the creative arts, and a unique style of integrative massage that was created and refined there.

Esalen Massage is a fluid form of bodywork, expressed in long, slow, deep flowing strokes to the body designed to encourage profound physical relaxation, a meditative and reflective emotional state, and an overall feeling of calm and well-being.  Performed utilizing a secure and distinctive body draping, this is a massage that strives to promote an experience of the body's unity and connectivity, and an enhanced sense of its physical integrity.

With a generous distribution of soothing massage oils over the skin, and the application of long flowing strokes to the body, an Esalen Massage gently defines the body's contours, and opens pathways to deep internal reservoirs of tranquility.  Explore Esalen Massage at Kailo Center - Experience a healing release of stress, heightened perception and insight, and a renewed connection to pleasure and well-being.